Friday, 23 September 2011

Elegantly African

Bra strap and Accessories – Jewelry and Fashion
Elegantly African online shopping gives the Kenyan woman a fashion solution for unsightly bra straps and clear bra straps. “There’s an interchangeable bra strap to fit everyone’s style – our shoulder jewelry is fun and flirty bling for your bra

With Elegantly African Decorative Bra Straps you’ll actually want to show off your straps. No more battles to keep unsightly bra straps out of sight. Elegantly African is dedicated to offering fashion solutions that make women look and feel sexy – without giving up comfort. 

Rhinestone bra straps can take a simple top from plain to glamorous or add just the right touch of bling. Our jeweled bra straps are elegant strands for your off the shoulder formal dress, casual bling styles, bridal wear or that strappy little tank top. You can also choose the simpler silver or gold chain bra straps to add shoulder jewelry that will turn heads.

Elegantly African is an online store and to make orders call Ciku on 0722-476689
At Nairobi Fashion Market event this October, Elegantly African will be selling bra straps, Bra clippers and sound activated T-shirts at a 10% discount from the original retail price.

Below are some of the products that will be available;

Sound Activated T Shirts


  1. This is awesome!!! What is the price range?

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  3. Hi Zigizy, Thank you for your response.
    For the straps the price range is Ksh. 1300 to Ksh. 1800. That's for the casual straps.
    For the bridal the price is from Ksh. 2500 and above depending on the detailing on the straps.
    Bra clippers are Ksh. 300 for a pair and they come in black and pink.

    For the sound activated t shirts they are Ksh. 2300. There those that have the English premier league logo and are going for Ksh. 3000

    I have also discounted all the above prices.

  4. The Straps are also metallic and have rhinestone on them.

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