Thursday, 3 May 2012

Check out our Spring Edition Stalls!

Memories of the Spring Edition Stalls. It was really an awesome experience. A little bit of everything.........

These vibetis (purses) are stunning

The world of accessories...if you spend a little more time, you won't believe what these designers have come up with.

Susan had the lovely kikapus, mats and sisal containers. Perfect for gifts
Tilt your head and check out these funky earrings. I'm so loving the ones with a cross.

The new Homes & Interiors section had great stuff, these sets are from Stylish Homes Ltd

SuzieBeauty's eyeshadows
Fashion Moments

Dont you just love this little works of art???? very creative designer Sheena Fridah of Chiteri Designs

Sensational Glamour were not just selling these products, but giving tips on how to use them...way to go!

Exotic feather earrings and neckpieces, bursting with color...Kapoeta rocks.

I could live here woow! House of Treasures!

Jewels By Angeline

All your nails' needs right here!!!

These foldable lampshades were very popular from Fusion Orb

Love your dress Pritti ;-)

Now if you heard about the awesome lingerie show on Saturday evening...Simpli Pretti was behind it....Oooh lalaaaa!. You've still got people talking

Vrinda Bimbrahw(right) of VB by Vrins with a client fitting one of her dresses!

Our top designers were there...Up2Date events and Betty Vanetti.
King Rasta Tingz

Christine Okello of Poles Apart creates very beautiful soft furnishings

Now these birds were carved from natural driftwood. Got one in my home.

Sanabora Design House's clutch bags and wallets are a real keeper and a perfect gift

Skin consultations by specialist doctors using Dermesse Products


Hundreds had a free health check up by Resolution Health, one of our sponsors.

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