Sunday, 30 September 2012


This weekend of the 6th & 7th October will be full of activity.This time, we have a blend of our favorites, newcomers and top designers in the country. For the emerging designers, it's an amazing opportunity to learn from the best and to take their passion to another level. We are proud of them and hoping to see more of you out there.

Showcasing are:









A La Mode Africa





Tots to Teens


 Afrostreet Kollections

Saturday, 22 September 2012

A little more about the medical camp!

How many have been affected by breast & cervical cancer either directly or indirectly? How many ladies know how to give themselves a breast examination? How many know that breast & cervical cancer are t...
he highest killers of women worldwide? How many know that Men can also get breast cancer? How many know it can be prevented, treated and cured if you are diagnosed early enough?.....Got you thinking?

Come and get a wealth of resources and knowledge at our "health camp", sponsored by APA Insurance and Nairobi Women's Hospital.
APA Insurance is committed to increasing awareness and education on cancer, its symptoms and ways of living healthy. They will be offering a 20% discount on Femina Cover as well as on their Domestic Package Cover. They will also have lots of branded merchandise to give to our visitors

Nairobi Women's Hospital is offering free health talks from experts, highly discounted mammograms and pap smears in the privacy of the NWH Mammovan.Other check ups such as Body Mass Index and Blood sugar count will be free.They will also hand out informative literature to take home with you.

We are grateful for this opportunity because this is our time to be supportive of the awareness of these diseases. Time to give back! If you Love Fashion, Love yourself and start from the inside. Save the life of a mother, sister, wife, daughter. Much Love!

APA Insurance

What products does APA have that cater for cancers patients?
APA Insurance has over time developed products that meet the needs of the population. Femina is one such product that provides cover for breast cancer, cervical and prostate cancer patients.
About Femina
FEMINA is a cash benefit for any policy holder diagnosed with Breast, Cervical  or prostate cancer.
How does it work?
APA Insurance provides a cash benefit to policy holders immediately after being diagnosed with cancer. It’s the patient’s choice on what they want to do with the money but mostly goes into treatment.
The Plan pays cash on diagnosis and does not require any checkup before signing up. One only needs to complete a simple application form.

What are the specifications if I want to sign up?

Kshs 250,000/-
Kshs 1,000/-
Kshs 1,550/-
Kshs 2,000/-
Kshs 500,000/-
Kshs  1,950/-
Kshs 3,000/-
Kshs 3,950/-

Facts about Cancer
  • Anybody can get breast cancer; it affects women of all ages, races and social classes.
  • Men do get breast cancer as well and up to now, there are no known causes of breast cancer.
  • Having one or more of the risk factors associated with breast cancer does not necessarily mean one will develop the disease and not all breast lumps are cancerous - only one out of nine lumps is cancerous.
  • Breast cancer is curable if detected early.

Why is APA participating in this year’s Nairobi Fashion Market?
APA Insurance is committed to increasing awareness and education on cancer, its symptoms and ways of living healthy. The NFM is one platform through which APA insurance is doing this with a focus on Breast Cancer awareness.
At the NFM, we will be offering a 20% discount on Femina Cover as well as on our Domestic Package Cover.  We will also have lots of branded merchandise to give to our visitors.
All the companies in the Group; Apollo Life Assurance Ltd, Apollo Asset Management Co. and Gordon Court Ltd will be exhibiting so come and find out more about us.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

NFM Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Theme for NFM Fall 2012: Think Pink
·         October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. NFM has dedicated this event to increasing awareness of breast cancer and its associated risks by teaming up with APA Insurance; a member of the Apollo Group of Companies and Nairobi Women’s Hospital
·         Nairobi Women’s Hospital is offering Free Health talks and highly discounted medical check ups. They will also offer Mammograms for checking breast cancer and cervical cancer testing in the Mammovan, all at discounted rates
·         APA Insurance will be promoting Femina ; a policy that covers breast, and cervical cancer with premiums as low as KES 1,000 a year providing up to KES 250,000 cash compensation  in the event of a diagnosis. They are also offering a discount of 20% on any Femina cover purchased during the month of October including the NFM weekend

About NFM
·         The Fall edition will be the fifth NFM since it inspirational debut in 2010
·         NFM will host over 90 exhibitors from all genre of fashion and lifestyle.
·         Fashion Shows: Kaveke, Zaramu,  Sarakaray, AfroStreet Kollections, Fashion Finesse, Wangujeans, Yaka Yeke,  Tujipambe, A la Mode Africa
·         Entertainment: Live music by Ricky Nanjero & Marafiki. Saturday evening performance by “Shinde” formerly of the group Tatu. Also featuring sultry trio Kijani
·         Chill Out Zones:  Food and Drink. Shark Energy Drink  introducing Shark Bars for your refreshment at the event
·         New Fun Arcade: Bouncy castles, trampoline, quad bikes, Wii games, pool tables, pony rides and rodeo bulls
·         These glittering events are a highlight of the Nairobi social calendar and the largest outdoor shopping experience in Kenya
·         Over 8,000 people attended our events last year.
·         Bargains, must-haves and special treats in a maze of over 80 market stalls showcasing the best of local & international fashion.
·         Progressive African fashion and design in clothing, jewelry, accessories, interiors and lifestyle - and all at great prices. ‘
·         Beautiful fabrics from all over the continent cut into stylish outfits.
·         Handcrafted accessories, jewelry and a range of beauty, cosmetic and lifestyle products.  
·         The latest of what’s trending in the western world and the International scene, all at your doorstep.
·         Fantastic giveaways on Radio promos with Classic 105 and Kiss 100 FM
Our Partners
Shark Energy Drink, APA Insurance a member of the Apollo Group, SuzieBeauty, I Love…, Nairobi Women’s Hospital, Classic 105 and KISS 100, Fashion Idol & Style Icon

Lynette Anderson, CEO and founder Nairobi Fashion Market:
“We are working hard to put on a fabulous day for the lifestyle conscious. We are confident that the October event will build on the experience and success of past events and will be the best day out in Nairobi this year”.
 “NFM will be showcasing Kenya’s most exciting designers on our catwalk including Kaveke, Fashion Finesse, Afro Street Kollection, SaraKaray, Zaramu Designs, Tujipambe, A la Mode designs, Wangu Jeans and Yaka Yeke. NFM is particularly privileged to be showcasing John Kaveke’s new collection inspired by his success at Arise Magazine Fashion Week in Lagos and London Fashion Week.
Terry Michuki, Event Co-ordinator
“Breast Cancer affects 1 in 8 women in their lifetime and we all need to understand it and the risks better and learn to Think Pink!”
 “We are delighted to have NWH and APA on board to enhance awareness of Breast Cancer, its treatments and Insurance Plans such as Femina”  
Enthusiastic Visitor last event:
But it’s not all shopping, “fashion is in the air we breathe …” said one enthusiastic visitor at the last event.  NFM makes this a reality and hosts a spacious and vibrant entertainment area. It includes bars, restaurants, chill-out zones, live music, and amazing fun areas for kids and young teens.