Thursday, 23 May 2013

Who's who in Kenyan Fashion: UTAMADUNIWEAR


My name is Wambui Wamutogoria, head designer and founder of Utamaduniwer

I design because I like the idea of making everyday items that make cultural reference

I'm inspired by the African Vibe, I use African prints, bright colors and bold accessories

I generate my income through individuals who want me to make them dresses bags and accessories, as well as through boutiques who order Utamaduni to sell in their stores.

What's my style? I love print and colour, and detailed, precise, clean tailored looks

My client are people that appreciate the beauty of African prints, people that love colour and women that love to stand out.
I have showcased my collections at several fashion shows and also sell at fashion markets such as The Nairobi Fashion Market

You could reach me as follows:

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