Friday, 8 May 2015

How NFM VIII Went down! 2014

The Fall edition of NFM 2014 was nothing short of amazing. Its still fresh in our minds, as we reminisce on the great clothes, the colour, the glamour and the shopping.
Although the weather was threatening with rain, the clouds cleared up by midday on both days to reveal a lovely warm afternoon. The air was vibing with excitement as shoppers poured in to see whats new and trending from our very own.

We had a good number of local designers such as Simbaress Fashions, Suave Bags, ModeMara, La Casa Designers, Whistling Thorns, Kikoti, Victorious Bone crafts, Swaheelies and Enzi Crafts among others.

Also, some modern stuff came through by Curvy Curves, Sheikhs Collection, Mogul, Uncover, Ulaya interiors and many more.

We were represented by beauty houses Suzy Beauty, Flori Roberts, and Lintons Beauty World. And not only that, we had a great selection of natural & organic products from Zanzi Naturals, Kinks & Twists, Papa Benz and Purple Earth Foods.

As always the fashion shows didn’t disappoint, choreographed and produced by MOCHEZ MODELS and teaming up with The SARAKASI DANCERS. The dances fusing in with the catwalk and the beautiful colourful collections was a state of the art show. Nowhere in the world can you experience the true fashion culture of Kenya, then at NFM.

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